Health Insurance

Short Term
- Plans are available for people needing temporary coverage between jobs or being laid off, graduating from college, waiting for group insurance, or dependents falling off parent’s health plan.

UHC Health Insurance Quotes

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Individual and Family Coverage - Full family and individual hospital and major medical coverage is available with a number of reputable companies. Choose you own doctor, or be a part of an HMO or PPO.

UHC Health Insurance Quotes

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International Health Coverage - Exceptional coverage for international travelers and extended stays through HTH Worldwide Insurance Services and Peterson International Underwriters.

MedjetAssist - As a member, MedjetAssist will bring you to the hospital of your choice if you are hospitalized more than 150 miles from home and require hospitalization once you reach your desired destination. Click on the MedjetAssist icon for more information or to enroll.


Disability Insurance

Are you protecting your most valuable assets?

            Consider that you:
                        Drive an insured car,
                        Live in an insured house, and
                        Your personal belongings are insured
What about your most valuable asset?

Your ability to work is your most valuable asset…


You may be surprised at your earnings potential from today to age 65 assuming only 5% annual increase in income.

Annual Income

Age                 $50,000           $75,000           $100,000         $150,000         $200,000

25                    6,040,000        9,060,000        12,080,000      18,120,000      24,160,000

35                    3,322,000        4,983,000        6,644,000        9,966,000        13,288,000

45                    1,653,000        2,480,000        3,307,000        4,960,000        6,613,000

55                    629,000           943,000           1,258,000        1,887,000        2,516,000

What if you were unable to work?

          What would happen to your income?
            How would you maintain your lifestyle?
            Where would the money come from to pay for bills?
            What happens to your retirement savings and other financial goals?

What are your sources of income during disability?


            Liquidate assets        
            Group disability plan
            Social Security/Worker’s Compensation

You have a lot to lose…


          Future earnings
            Retirement savings and other assets
            Peace of mind
            Current standard of living
            Credit rating

What are the odds of you becoming disabled?


          Each year there are 2-3 times more occurrences of disabilities than there are of deaths.


Companies we represent
            Assurity – Standard- Life of Alabama – Illinois Mutual – MetLife-Guardian – Principal


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